Help Us Translate !

Would you like to help us translate this app ? Its simple process but require some dedication.

Looking For – Mandarin , French, German, Japanese , etc
Translation Done – Spanish , Turkish

if you are Interested please keep reading the FAQs…

Que. What needs to be translated ?
Ans. There are Two thing that could be done
1. Translate in app text.
2. Translate the Playstore text.

Que. What we will give you to translate?
Ans. We will give three files
 1. help.htm – It is general help , From Help > View Help
 2. playstore.txt 
– it contains story of Playstore.
  3. strings.xml – it contains text used in Real Notepad in xml tags
Note: Only changes text in between xml tags <>ABC<> .
In below example you just need to Translate “Medium” only.
<string name=”settings_medium”>Medium</string>

Que. Where will you get these files?
Ans. Drop us email that you would like to contribute in translation of Real Notepad also mention the language in which you would like to translate it.

Que. What will you get out of this ?
Ans. There is not much we can give but we will mention your name in list of Contributors.             Check Out List Of Contributors

Que. In What languages is this App Already translated ?
Ans. Real Notepad is translated into TURKISH & SPANISH.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-19 at 2.53.06 AM






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