No Longer on PlayStore ? Why ???

Are you Serious ! i loved this app and its no longer on playstore? Why ?

Thankyou for your love for this app.

I would like to tell you all what happened.

My name is Dilroop Singh, i started this app because of my love towards notepad on windows. After my graduation i decided to be self independent Android App Developer. I made many apps mostly of category tools and utilities. Real Notepad was my last app on playstore.
I left this app running by itself by end of 2016 on Playstore App was one of trending app as you all know. I put too much effort into this app and was so proud. But i had to plan my life ahead. i wasn’t earning enough from my apps, it was like 100$ threshold crosses after 2 months and i was paid like 100$ from month and half hardwork.

By 2016 i planned to study and move to New Zealand. I was super busy now and i would receive tones of mails and enquiries.  Also being an Indian there were so many changes in tax system in India that i could not keep up to them from New Zealand. Like GST was legalised  in India last year and my Developer account now started asking me for GST Number, which has to be applied from India. Not Updating that plus i initially named Real Notepad to Windows Notepad on playstore and got copyright infringement notice.

Real Notepad


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