Sneak Peek of New Version

Newer Version is gonna be awesome. Many owesome changes under the hood.
Speed Improvements, Font Enlarged, All boxes enlarged to fit full width or most of it.

I would love your feedback and what features you guys would like to see added. 😇👍🏻👏🏻


  1. Adrian says:

    It is very interesting to see a real Windows looking app on Android! Although I can see how you could do it, all I can say is BRAVO!! This does requires a lot of work and planing and time. You just proved that even Android can look like Windows. I don’t know why they removed your app instead of just noticing you to change the name (I did read your post on this subject) but I think they shouldn’t do it. Instead they should leave it there and be proud how somebody managed to create something that looked like windows and not Android. Maybe you can even make it look like a Mac Notepad.
    And now that I am thinking about it, you actually did something huge, that nobody did before: you proved what Android apps really are. I don’t know about the Android OS, but as far as apps go, it seems to me that they modeled it as windows does with it’s own software. The 3 buttons on the right and the menu on the left when you click the logo, exactly as in the Android apps. Maybe it’s how c++ works, or maybe it’s how Windows tought us how it should be, so now even Android copies the same look even though they try to be different. And the alert boxes and all the other views …. GOOD JOB! No, really! I know how painful it is to code app for Android, and how slow the process is, especially since they always change something, “tweaks” to “perfection” which just gives more headaches for developers, but that’s Android, a pain in the butt but necessary pain because it’s popular.
    So, one suggestion: If you still didn’t deleted the old project, maybe you can compile it and put it up here so that people can download and try to run. Provided As-is without any support. Which means it will work for some and not work for others. After all, what can you loose? You can only gain more people if they can see the old project and eagerly waits for a new one.
    I could also help you with this, but life here is busy too. But I do have one more advice: If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it! I know the urge you have to make it better, to follow windows 8 look, windows 10 look, Windows 11 look, to tweak here, to tweak there …. But DON’T! Doing that will leave you with a never finished product because you constantly changing things that might not matter at all. If it works, then publish it. And later fix it or change it if you have time, but leave the working or mostly working version online while you work on other. This way you can gain popularity because people can see it, use it and enjoy it. But now it’s just a fantasy, a dream, those who never saw it thinks it’s a prank, a lie. I thought like that the first time I saw it. But then I thought about it and realized that it’s possible. But I need a Notepad app now, not after 20 years. Now, to open those text files of different extension, to look into them, to change them and I don’t want to install heavy apps for that. So I make my own because I couldn’t find any real windows feel notepad. All the notepads are or for coding (who would write code on a 6inch screen when even a 20inch is sometimes too small) or for taking notes about whatever idea. So yes, your app is perfect! And I hope you can compile the old one and put it up for everyone to enjoy before the newer one comes out.
    Looking forward to see your app!
    You will never earn much from any app if it’s still on your drawing board waiting for you to make it, then change it, then change it again, then redo it … Your Windows Notepad could inspire other people to make their own Windows like apps! Once they see your app, they won’t believe it. So they download it and believe it. And once more and more apps looks like Windows … Will turn Android into Windows, and it all started from your app!

    But if you already deleted your old app, then all this website and all the limited support you get is just waste of money and time. Because you did had a great app!

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    1. Dilroops says:

      Thank you so much for your time and for writing this motivational comment. I have the project half modified. will definitely try to run it and post here if i get lucky.
      I was too lazy as i didn’t see much interest from anyone in this app. But i love this app and is very close to my heart. I will definitely give it another go.


      1. adorjan says:

        You didn’t see much interest from others because it’s a notepad app, not some highly complicated highly popular app. For example, music creation app or game maker app or rooting app or openoffice app, these apps might bring you lot of people and maybe more money than this app. Or game apps, which are now very popular. But these apps needs teams for develop not one guy.So, those companies making these apps spend more money on developers but also earn more than you from users. Do they earn enough, who knows?
        So, the truth is you won’t see much interest here from this app. You won’t get much emails from this app. Honestly, the less email you get, the better (after you republish your app) because a new email might be because somebody had a problem with the app. Once you publish this app again in the future to Google Play or even here, watch how many downloaded it and the star ratings and the comments. Because that is important! You can have million downloads, 4+ star and few comments and that’s all you need. Positive rating is the king! Not many would download a less than 4 star app.
        And you won’t get rich from this app, or else everybody else would already make it. To get rich from it, you need to make complicated apps, popular apps. But this one is a start! A 100 dollars in 2 months just from this app sounds to me as a good income. Of course it’s a small amount, but how many work did you put in daily after you published it? As I told you before, make it a good, stable one and then only change it if you find some bugs. Don’t polish it too much or you damage it completely. I don’t know what features you gave for money, but it worked since you had income. Maybe after you create some more apps that are more complicated, can do more things, than you will earn more money. And guess what? You figured out how to make your apps look like windows. Why implementing windows 10 skin on windows 8 when you could instead implement IOS skin?? Of course there are more Windows users than mac, but with Mac skin you can target the other people too. And once you redo your code, put them all in nice classes and make it easier to reuse parts for the future, than you can add any skin you want. Because all it takes is changing some design data, not the logic. And in your future apps you can also use this windows/mac look that you created here. In fact, in the future, you can even sell your Windows/mac look for an app or I don’t know what else. But you can definitely use it on your future apps and become “the guy who make apps that looks like windows/mac apps”.
        And NEVER NEVER NEVER call any of your apps “Windows” or “Mac” or “IOS” or “Android” or “Oracle” or any of the registered names! It is illegal and those names are trademarked. I know why you did it, because you tried to show people that your notepad it as the windows notepad not some pad for taking notes, but you can do that in your description, not in the title. In the description you can write “this app behaves the same as windows notepad because it can open any file type and looks and feels the same, but this app is not Windows Notepad and was not created by Windows”. And if they delete you again, then just remove the windows part and never mention it. Just describe what types of files it can open and proveide some good pictures. After all, who reads descriptions when the pictures show that the app is shitty? 🙂 Trust me, your app is awesome and I don’t know how many people downloaded it before or how many stars you got, but if it was a solid 4+ with lots of downloads, then what other type of interest are you looking for? The best thing is when people use your app, grade it with 4+ and never complain never write you just enjoy the app. 🙂


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