Here is the old version for everyone to download. It might work for some but not for others. Good Luck.

> Download Old Version <

Verify the File Hash (SHA-256)


Sometime back I got all energized to finish the new version in flutter and was going so well, achieved so many features but life happened!
And Covid, And got married, And had a baby, And got a great opportunity to code for a bank…
So life had a great turn and it is awesome !! 🥳

Thank you Adrian for making me compile the old project.
This also shows how easily I am motivated. ❤️

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  1. adorjan says:

    It’s great that you posted the old version! I downloaded it and tried it. It works great! I almost forgot I am using an Android phone, not a Windows phone 🙂
    And I am happy that good things came your way! Enjoy in your life and I wish you all the best!
    And being easily motivated is better than hard to be motivated because you can achieve much more. So in my mind, it’s a good thing, because motivation moves us to do great things. So, keep up the good work! I hope your child follows your footsteps and become a coder too 🙂


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