[Working On] Use Hardware Keyboard with phone or tablet.

Someone suggested to have soft keyboard diappear as they type through external keyboard. Surely it handy feature to have ! So we are working on it and experimenting with it as well ! Soon you can use REAL NOTEPAD with External Keyboard.

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Keyboard Real Notepad

37 Ratings And all 5 stars [Update 40 Now ]

We love it when users are sattisfied ! Its Great to see such response from users and many users who replied in emails and gave reviews to help us improve this app more and more each day !

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[Done] Trying to add Font adjustment for tablet.

Fonts need to be adjusted for of devices of users that need more setting or feel that everything looks small.

1. To lengthy Process so many layouts need to be adjusted.
2. Corresponding icons and logos need to be adjusted as things get large.

[Done] Dynamic Fonts Fetched From Phone

User suggested to have many fonts to choose from. We implemented a way to fetch fonts from system in android. Now you can use so many fonts with some default font with app.

[Done] Share File button Added

A user demanded to have share button in app to share file . As we take feedback seriously we updated this feature in this app.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 2.27.12 AM
-if Opened File have changes made but are not saved , then changes get saved and sharing starts.
-Empty File do not get shared.


Share added.png
Location of Share Button is in File Menu

[Done] Added Reading And Editing Mode

Few users Suggested that scrolling for reading leads to opening of keyboard so we introduced two modes , Reading And Writing. With image in top right corner the modes could be quickly switched.

Reading mode

Screenshots of Real Notepad

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