[Update] Line Numbers & Syntax Highlighting

Hey Guys!

Since the last update, I refactored most of the app and added a feature or two while i was there. I have had few sleep less nights, hope to get some feedback and some feature request, maybe ??


Here is the old version for everyone to download. It might work for some but not for others. Good Luck.

> Download Old Version <

Verify the File Hash (SHA-256)


Sometime back I got all energized to finish the new version in flutter and was going so well, achieved so many features but life happened!
And Covid, And got married, And had a baby, And got a great opportunity to code for a bank…
So life had a great turn and it is awesome !! 🥳

Thank you Adrian for making me compile the old project.
This also shows how easily I am motivated. ❤️

Huge Update to Explorer

Explorer in real notepad is huge app in itself. I am currently working on it …
Want to share a sneak peak on what might one day run on your device.

As always share your thoughts !

😎 New Clickable Divider that let folder area expand! 🎉

Dialog with max width !😎

Previously with old notepad app we have fixed sized dialogs regardless the screen size and orientation.
New version the dialog like one comes when you want to pen a file or save a file, which show case explorer will be of max width allowing a margin around the dialog for aesthetics.

Hopefully it turns out great and help full.

Did you notice new menu ? 😜
Well it would have new feature to quick change theme and more…

Please comment for any new feature request.

Started Working From Ground Up To Support Themes

Started working on supporting windows 10 theme , where user can change themes instantly from windows 8 theme to windows 10 theme.

Which one do you prefer ? Windows 10 or Windows 8 notepad theme ?

Gave Up Old Real Notepad Project 😔

Bad News
Gave up once again on old project and frustrated by the bad code.

Good News 😎
Starting Real Notepad app from scratch and making it maintainable so that one could work on it in future.

Thinking to add feature to quick change theme from Windows 8 to Windows 10 🎉

Any Suggestions ?

Sneak Peek of New Version

Newer Version is gonna be awesome. Many owesome changes under the hood.
Speed Improvements, Font Enlarged, All boxes enlarged to fit full width or most of it.

I would love your feedback and what features you guys would like to see added. 😇👍🏻👏🏻

Started working on updating app to Kotlin

Converting the whole app from old code to newer code. This time app will be maintainable and will keep updating with new features as per demand. 

The new version will be available on this site which uses kotlin Koltin instead of java as a primary language.

Who is excited ? -.-. — — — . -. – / -.. — .– -. / -… . .-.. — .–

All I need is your love and feedback!