[Update][Request] Turkish Character Problem.

Some Turkish Character like these  Ç , Ö , Ü , İ  , Ğ  ,were not appearing in Real Notepad.
After Analysis , we came to know that this was problem in LUCIDA FONT . Once you change the font the Turkish Characters appear.

Change the Font to Arial from Format > Font > Choose Arial > Click OK


[BETA][Done] Nougat Dialog box does not appear!

We did our best to fix this issues in which dialog box did not appear on devices with android version Nougat 7.0.

Now Hopefully this issue is fixed . Please guys bear with us we have did our best but still nougat is new it has some bugs and issues so please don’t rate Real Notepad bad.

Your Support is all that matter and it keeps us motivated !
From Heart Team

[Done][Improvement] Added a colour to status bar.

Not so much attention was given to status bar. It looked Grey and  Black on the corners of notepad app. Black and grey did’nt do justice to Real Notepad

Pervious Scheme

But after thorough research and tweeking with color we find and replaced black and grey with little darker shade of the primary blue in app.

Updated Scheme

If you like such update please give us your feedback on Real Notepad.

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37 Ratings And all 5 stars [Update 40 Now ]

We love it when users are sattisfied ! Its Great to see such response from users and many users who replied in emails and gave reviews to help us improve this app more and more each day !

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[Done] Trying to add Font adjustment for tablet.

Fonts need to be adjusted for of devices of users that need more setting or feel that everything looks small.

1. To lengthy Process so many layouts need to be adjusted.
2. Corresponding icons and logos need to be adjusted as things get large.

[Done] Dynamic Fonts Fetched From Phone

User suggested to have many fonts to choose from. We implemented a way to fetch fonts from system in android. Now you can use so many fonts with some default font with app.