[Done] Dynamic Fonts Fetched From Phone

User suggested to have many fonts to choose from. We implemented a way to fetch fonts from system in android. Now you can use so many fonts with some default font with app.


[Done] Share File button Added

A user demanded to have share button in app to share file . As we take feedback seriously we updated this feature in this app.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 2.27.12 AM
-if Opened File have changes made but are not saved , then changes get saved and sharing starts.
-Empty File do not get shared.


Share added.png
Location of Share Button is in File Menu

[Video] Promo Video of Real Notepad

Yeah! Its Clone you Desktop Notepad
Real Notepad
Create & Open Files like
HTML – JAVA – CSS – TXT – More

Screenshots of Real Notepad

Real Notepad – Developed by From Heart
Best Text Editor on Android Playstore




Nothing has ever been done like this Before!

Real Notepad for android is new this time ! it provide Notebook like experience with notes!

1. Taking Notes or Making Memo Real Notepad / Notebook will make your day awesome.
2. If you are coder or write you can write you scripts on go.
3. Format the text way you like with different Color option to take notes and set specific colour to note.
4. Practice Dictation .
5. Type in many languages all languages are supported – Keyboard Based Only

This Notepad serves as great experience in making manuscript and best for samsung note s app.You can create Check list of things you want todo, which serves as reminder for notice.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.38.40 AMgoogle-play-badge