[Update][Request] Turkish Character Problem.

Some Turkish Character like these  Ç , Ö , Ü , İ  , Ğ  ,were not appearing in Real Notepad.
After Analysis , we came to know that this was problem in LUCIDA FONT . Once you change the font the Turkish Characters appear.

Change the Font to Arial from Format > Font > Choose Arial > Click OK


[BETA][Done] Nougat Dialog box does not appear!

We did our best to fix this issues in which dialog box did not appear on devices with android version Nougat 7.0.

Now Hopefully this issue is fixed . Please guys bear with us we have did our best but still nougat is new it has some bugs and issues so please don’t rate Real Notepad bad.

Your Support is all that matter and it keeps us motivated !
From Heart Team

[Done] Share File button Added

A user demanded to have share button in app to share file . As we take feedback seriously we updated this feature in this app.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 2.27.12 AM
-if Opened File have changes made but are not saved , then changes get saved and sharing starts.
-Empty File do not get shared.


Share added.png
Location of Share Button is in File Menu